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Lawn Doctor offers a Wide Scope of Lawn Services.

When you need lawn care service in Pearland, TX, turn to Lawn Doctor. With us, it’s now easy to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful year-round. With our time-tested techniques developed over nearly four decades, we can provide lawn care solutions that are tailored to your lawn’s specific needs. Our experienced professionals will apply their knowledge of the local environment to tackle your most challenging issues and transform your lawn into a lush bed of thick, vibrant grass.

We’re a locally owned and operated business that’s focused on hands-on customer service. When you work with our detail-oriented team, we’ll make your needs our top priority. We’re so confident that you’ll find our carefully prescribed treatments effective that we guarantee our results. You’ll also benefit from our:

•    Friendly, attentive staff
•    Comprehensive lawn care services
•    Exclusive Turf Tamer technology

We’re here to make your life easier by offering flexible services that meet your needs. You can engage our services on an as-needed basis to address an emergent issue requiring immediate attention. You can also take advantage of our year-round Lawn Maintainer Program to keep your yard at optimal growing conditions and minimize the likelihood of issues such as weeds and problem pests from emerging. Whichever treatment your lawn requires, we have a full line of services available, including:

•    Lawn care and maintenance
•    Lawn pest control
•    Lawn treatment and pH balancing
•    Weed and disease control
•    Lawn aeration and power seeding

Using innovative technology and custom-blended materials, we offer our customers effective methods for maintaining a beautiful lawn that are in keeping with our environmental stewardship values. You can also opt for our Integrated Pest Control Management service, which is a natural alternative to pesticide use.

Whether you choose natural lawn care services or conventional treatments, rest assured that we aim to minimize our carbon footprint. We carefully measure and apply the correct amount of fertilizers or other lawn treatments to prevent runoff and waste. We also use our own fertilizers, pest control solutions, and soil enrichment formulas that are carefully formulated to minimize the environmental impact.

Lawn Doctor's Diagnosis Starts with a FREE Lawn Services Evaluation

They're called lawn services because our lawn care technicians are serving your needs. We begin to understand those lawn services needs by starting every customer relationship with a detailed FREE Lawn Care Evaluation of his or her yard and landscape.

Once we have a diagnosis of what's wrong, we develop the best lawn services solutions, whether one-time lawn treatments or ongoing lawn maintenance. Not all landscapes are the same, and we believe in customizing a lawn services program to your specific needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Our strength is our local lawn services professionals who understand your area's unique needs and characteristics, from soil type to weather patterns.

Learn More About Professional Lawn Services by Lawn Doctor:

  • Lawn Care covers everything in the turf and on the ground - we help improve your grass and keep the yard weed-, disease- and pest-free.
  • Lawn Treatment helps your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy, helping you achieve the perfect lawn you've always wanted.
  • Go beyond the grass and keep your entire landscape healthy and beautiful with our Tree and Shrub Care programs.

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